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12 unique business ideas to inspire you in this new year

It is easy to come up with a business idea that is already common in the market, but coming up with unique business ideas takes courage and patience. Ask yourself what Unique business ideas are missing from your own life. What is it that impacts you or your circle of relatives? Once you have recognized a problem and created a technique for it, your concept must assist a big target market, meet excessive calls, and cause a hit commercial corporation.

Unique Business Ideas

If you want the idea to create your own specific and revolutionary business mind in 2020, have a look at those smart, recreation-changing companies and recall what issues you may solve.

1. Assembly and Delivery of the Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Kit

As far as unique business ideas considered especially appropriate for 2020, starting a business that provides disaster and emergency preparedness kits is both unusual and sure to find an audience. Ready To Go Survival launched in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to provide personalized kits to anyone anticipating disasters, and has bundled its services with YouTube videos detailing recent and potential disasters, Facebook memes that lighten this deadly serious topic, and blog posts that help people prepare so they won’t be caught off guard by a disaster or emergency.

2. Plant Consultant Unique Business Ideas

Have a green thumb? Help other plant owners keep their green plants healthy and thriving. Nick Cutsumpas, perhaps better known as Farmer Nick, has provided exactly this kind of advice to the people of New York City, along with other plant services like in-person plant-buying assistance.

3. Creating a Homemade Meal Kit and Local Delivery

For those who can’t make it to the grocery store or who struggle to prepare fresh, healthy meals that also taste good, turn your skill and passion in the kitchen into a passive source of income that gives back to the community. Several meal kit brands, like Blue Apron and HelloFresh, have long offered similar services through online subscription models, but your unique business idea can help you forge lasting ties with people in your area.

4. E-commerce that Balances Unique Business Ideas

The online business “I Do Now I Don” didn’t start with what might at first seem like a niche concern: Its founder experienced a failed engagement and tried to sell the $10,000 ring back to his jeweler, who only offered $3,500. Dollars. It is now an e-commerce site that sells used jewelry and other accessories. Typically, the company offers the seller more money and offers the buyer a lower price than a jewelry store, cutting out the middleman – and driving the sellers’ profit potential alongside that of the business – as much as possible.

5. Hangover Helpers

Not surprisingly, after a night of drinking, most people don’t want to clean their house. That’s where Hangover Helpers come in. This company doesn’t just take care of your post-game mayhem, they also provide breakfast (with your choice of “fat” or “green”) to ensure you feel your best – without the added mess. As unique business ideas emerge, this seemingly specialized service is in high demand across regions and demographics, requiring only simple skills – cooking, and cleaning – from your workers.

6. Purchases Without A Package

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the resources that are wasted in the food packaging process. Often cardboard, plastic, Styrofoam, and wire ties are not recyclable, leading to environmental waste. In response, Package Free Shop, a zero-waste pop-up store in New York City, offers convenient and easy alternatives to single-use plastic products. Since opening, the company has estimated that it has kept 597,640 plastic straws, 851,950 plastic bags, and 490,856 non-recyclable cups out of landfills.

7. Free Lunch (with a marketing part)

Manhattan’s Spread takes everyone’s love of free food at the office and adds a cool marketing strategy for local restaurants. This company helps new and low-key restaurants build their customer bases by matching businesses in the area with the food they’re likely to enjoy and delivering free samples right to those businesses’ doors. After the samples are handed out, the recipient group fills out a survey about the food. Then Spread schedules the group for another surprise sample drop.

Each delivery comes with coupons and a card with details about the restaurant. This way, you can learn more about where the food came from and order it back at the restaurant if you and your employees enjoyed the food.

8. Flexible and Shared Workspaces, Unique Business Ideas

Every day, technology makes it more possible for employees and entrepreneurs to run their businesses and get work done from anywhere, which means companies don’t necessarily have to invest in renting or buying office space.

We Work provides office space for the Homelessness, with flexible month-to-month membership options for individual freelancers and large companies. Freelancers who prefer to work outside their homes can have a more reliable workspace than a local coffee shop, and companies and other teams can have a place to collaborate and hold meetings and events.

9. On-Demand Online Education

Do you ever find yourself wanting to go back to school, or maybe even teach a course in a subject you are an expert in? Skillshare, founded in 2011, makes both possible. Half of that rate is going to pay the enterprise’s professors, so in case you’re an expert at something, it is a high-quality way to earn a little more money. And if you need to research new capabilities or just brush up on antique talents that you can use to earn secondary passive earnings, Skillshare helps you to do it from home.

Unlike college or grad school, with its high tuition fees, Skillshare costs $99 a year. Half of that charge goes to pay the agency’s professors, so in case you’re a professional at something, it’s a fantastic way to earn a little extra cash. And if you need to study new competencies or just brush up on vintage talents that you could use to earn secondary passive earnings, Skillshare lets you do it from home.

Skillshare pays you back, too: According to the company’s website, for every annual membership purchased, Skillshare donates a membership to a student through the company’s scholarship program.

10. Food And Travel Necessities Unique Business Ideas

While bigger might be better for some, Minimus takes a different approach. In business for more than a decade, the online company offers more than 2,500 different individually packaged products, including travel-size toiletries and single servings of various foods – everything from chips to tabasco sauce.

The company was founded after the Shraters, the family behind it, realized how much product they were wasting at the end of a trip to New Hampshire. Today, the company occupies two department stores in Los Angeles and employs dozens of workers. In addition to individual items, Minimus sells pre-made kits specially designed for different uses, such as baby and family kits, outdoor kits, first aid kits, and military care packages.

11. Deluxe Portable Toilets For Rent

For some events, the typical narrow green portable toilet won’t cut it. To address this apparent niche need, Eliza J has come up with one of the most unique business ideas out there, with great success. Rent high-quality, clean, and attractive portable toilets for any outdoor event, perfect for hosting something a little more formal.

Each of ElizaJ ‘s bathrooms includes fresh flowers, designer soaps and lotions, name-brand paper products, wicker waste baskets, air fresheners, and fresh water. One of the options, the Powder Room, can accommodate events of up to 350 people and is designed to compete with the bathrooms of the best restaurants and department stores. ElizaJ has also launched a franchise model to allow other entrepreneurs to run their porta-potty operations.

12. Custom Board And Card Games

Kids who grew up wanting to design their version of Monopoly or Clue can easily do so now with the help of The Game Crafter. The first game publishing company on the web allows players to create their board games, along with custom cards and card games.

Although designing and publishing a recreation was once extraordinarily hard, The Game Crafter (based in 2009 via JT Smith, Tavis Parker, and Jamie Vrbsky) has simplified the manner by using providing templates, commands, videos, and checking out tools to assist Destiny sport designers. To create an excellent product. Users have the option to buy as many copies of the sport as they want.

Game creators may find that The Game Crafter provides them with vast earning potential and unique business ideas of their own. Creators who feel especially confident in their work can develop and sell their games through crowdfunding apps to earn passive income while exploiting their passions. Once audience demand passes a certain threshold, creators can turn their Game Crafter-developed ideas into full-time businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Unique Business Ideas

1. What makes these enterprise thoughts specific?

These business ideas are specific due to the fact they cope with niche markets or solve precise problems in revolutionary approaches. Each concept fills an opening in the market, gives creative answers, and has the ability to attract a dedicated target audience.

2. Are these business thoughts worthwhile?

Many of these unique business ideas have been established to be profitable for his or her founders. By catering to specialized markets and providing precious products or services, these ventures can generate earnings and boom opportunities.

3. How can I start this kind of agency?

Starting any employer requires the careful making of plans, market research, and determination. For every of these unique business ideas, keep in mind to figure out your target market, broaden a solid advertising method, and make sure you’ve got the important resources and competencies to succeed.

4. Can I enforce those thoughts in my neighborhood region?

Yes, a maximum of those business ideas are adaptable to distinctive locations and markets. By knowledge the wishes and choices of your local community, you may tailor those ideas to suit your vicinity and construct a successful task.


Embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship with these 12 unique business ideas that can inspire and spark your creativity. Remember, successful businesses often begin by identifying a problem and offering a valuable solution. Whether you choose to help people prepare for emergencies, provide personalized plant advice, or create custom board games, the key to success lies in catering to specific needs and providing excellent service. With determination and innovation, you can turn these unique business ideas into thriving ventures that make a difference in people’s lives and contribute to your success in the new year. Happy entrepreneuring!

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