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Bedroom wallpaper ideas – Twenty-three ways to create the perfect mood

Bedroom wallpaper

Discover a myriad of captivating bedroom wallpaper inspirations that will infuse your room with unparalleled style and a delightful expression of your unique personality.

Discover a captivating range of bedroom wallpaper ideas that bring forth endless possibilities. The amalgamation of colors, patterns, and textures allows you to curate the perfect ambiance that resonates with your vision.

Be it a tranquil haven, a sleek and modern space, a touch of timeless elegance, a snug, and comforting retreat, or any other style you fancy, wallpaper serves as an exquisite element in crafting your dream bedroom.

Embrace these inspiring wall decor concepts, catering to both classic aficionados and contemporary enthusiasts alike. Whether you prefer a daring and vibrant color palette or a subdued and muted one, and whether you lean towards bold, eye-catching motifs or delicate and refined patterns, you’ll find exactly what your heart desires. Unleash your imagination and transform your bedroom into an unparalleled haven of beauty and comfort.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Discover how to transform your bedroom with our exclusive wallpaper ideas. Whether you opt for a single accent wall or decide to adorn all four, these handpicked selections will elevate your space to new heights. Unleash your creativity and let our curated choices guide your interior transformation.

Opt for a petite-scale design encompassing all four walls.

Opt for a petite-scale

Kate French, the creative director at Dado, suggests that bedrooms offer an ideal canvas for showcasing striking, vibrant wallpapers that can make a strong design statement. For those seeking a gentler ambiance that harmonizes well across all four walls, she recommends opting for an all-over pattern like the Floral Ogee by Dadydress for Dado. This delightful print draws inspiration from hand-embroidered suzani textiles, boasting a charming small scale and a tasteful blend of multiple colors. As a result, it effortlessly complements various layers of color and pattern, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Consider A Flocked Design For Its Tactility

A Flocked Design

Incorporating texture into interior design can elevate its appeal and create a sense of depth, as exemplified by this creative above-the-bed decor concept.

According to Jamie Watkins, one of the co-founders of Divine Savages, employing tactile textures like flocking can breathe life into a neutral color scheme. Their particular hue, “Pooch Bichon Creme,” radiates a warm and calming ambiance, enticing people with its subtle charm and playful allure, encouraging them to reach out and stroke the delightful depiction of poodles.

Employ a Neutral Wallpaper as the Canvas for Your Artwork.

Neutral Wallpaper

When selecting artwork for your bedroom, take into account its compatibility with your chosen bedroom wallpaper concepts. Opting for fabric walling, such as the exquisite Dhongia fabric showcased in this bedroom, offers an exceptional and textured backdrop within the space, as recommended by Clara Ewart, the head of design at Kitesgrove. The objective behind designing this specific bedroom was to establish a neutral yet captivating foundation that would harmonize with and elevate the client’s current artwork without creating any discord.

Create A Cozy Bedroom With A Floral Wallpaper

 Floral Wallpaper

Select a wallpaper to play a vital role in creating a cozy and inviting bedroom ambiance. According to Penny Morrison, an esteemed interior designer, wallpapers have a unique ability to infuse a room with texture and patterns, making them an integral part of her design approach. Penny emphasizes the significance of using wallpapers frequently, as they possess a captivating allure that surpasses simple paint. Furthermore, wallpapers can serve as eye-catching focal points in any area, elevating the overall aesthetics. Particularly, small print wallpapers not only introduce a delightful texture but also contribute to the overall warmth and snugness of the space.

Make The Room Full Of Personality


“Embracing the essence of individuality, bedrooms offer a profoundly personal sanctuary. Richard Smith, the visionary founder and creative director at Madeaux, encourages a departure from conventional schemes that harmonize with the rest of your home. Instead, he views bedrooms as a canvas to express your true personality.

To achieve this, fearlessly intertwine patterns and prints. According to Richard, bedrooms flourish when adorned with an artful interplay of colors and patterns, spanning wallpapers, headboards, pillows, and curtains. The magic lies in the fusion of stripes and florals, or the marriage of geometrics with leaf prints, crafting a delightfully textured and jubilant interior.”

Match Wallpaper To Drapes

Match Wallpaper

Design a captivating concept that captivates through perfect coordination. Lance Thomas, the principal interior designer at Thomas Guy Interiors, praises the current trend of harmonizing wallpaper with furniture or upholstery in a space to achieve a unified and visually striking appearance.

Opt For A Handcrafted Natural Wallpaper

Handcrafted Natural Wallpaper

Explore the possibility of adorning your walls with exquisite wallpaper, crafting a delightful visual spectacle. According to Mark Butcher, the visionary leader of Mark Alexander, employing handcrafted wall coverings derived from organic elements like botanical fibers, paper yarns, and Japanese papers can introduce an intriguing play of tones and textures, imparting an element of delightful surprise to any living space.

Build A Scheme Around Your Wallpaper Design

 Scheme Around

Whether you find yourself seeking out a custom-designed wallpaper or have already been captivated by a particular design, it has the potential to serve as the perfect foundation for your entire room.

According to Ruth Mottershead, the creative director at Little Greene, bedrooms offer a splendid opportunity to fully embrace a wallpaper that resonates with you and to craft your entire decor around it. To achieve a more intimate ambiance, she suggests adorning all four walls with the chosen wallpaper. On the other hand, if you’re keen on creating a focal point with a striking design, consider selecting the wall behind the bed. This clever choice ensures that, once you’re lying down, the bold design will not be as visually dominant, granting you the freedom to be daring and adventurous with your decor selection.

Create A Statement With One Papered Wall 

One Papered Wall 

Alternative placement for a bedroom accent wall goes beyond the wall behind the bed. Take this loft room, for example, where the window wall takes center stage, offering ample height for an impressive wallpaper display.

According to Andrea Childs, editor of Country Homes & Interiors, the geometric design of the wallpaper beautifully complements the room’s natural tones. The combination of the striking wallpaper and the elegant parquet floor creates an atmosphere of sophistication and relaxation in the space.

Bring Pink To A Bedroom

Bring Pink To A Bedroom

Consider incorporating a touch of pink into your bedroom color scheme for a distinctive ambiance. Molly Mahon, the innovative textile designer and founder of Molly Mahon, delights in infusing pink hues into her fabric and wallpaper collections. For her, pink stands out as a cherished color, often harmoniously combined with shades of blue and/or red.

As a personal testament, Molly adorned her bedroom walls with the delightful Marigold design, resulting in a serene and aesthetically pleasing sanctuary to unwind after a bustling day. Embrace the allure of pink to create your own unique and tranquil retreat.

Evoke A Tropical Paradise

A Tropical Paradise

Even if you dwell far from the balmy embrace of an equatorial climate, fear not, as your abode can still bask in a delightful and tropical ambiance courtesy of your bedroom’s wallpaper concepts.

Inspired by intrepid globetrotters and their daring voyages, this style boasts a sumptuous array of colors like nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and ochre, imbuing your bedroom with warmth and inviting depth. Imagine a striking palm-print wallpaper as the focal point, infusing the room with a sense of wonder. But this isn’t your ordinary green palm leaf pattern; it’s a mesmerizing, hazy rendition, adding a refreshing twist to the classic design.

Envision the earthy ochre of the linen headboard, coupled with the dash of ginger in the cushions, harmonizing seamlessly with the tropical-themed wallpaper, evoking memories of far-flung shores in this chic gray bedroom setting. Let your imagination roam free, and transform your sleeping sanctuary into a tropical oasis, no matter where you are.

Be Inspired By Nature

Be Inspired By Nature

In this setting, an enchanting botanical wallpaper adorned with delicate leaf patterns exudes a serene and captivating charm. The fusion of contrasting hues, tactile textures, and intricate designs not only elevates the contemporary ambiance but also imbues it with a touch of timeless tradition. Embracing nature’s essence within the confines of the room, this approach effortlessly bestows a tranquil haven, perfect for a restful bedroom retreat.

Clash With Graphic Patterns

 Graphic Patterns

Discover the enchanting realm of the bedroom, where audacious patterns and a captivating color palette intertwine, effortlessly brought to life through the ingenious infusion of bedroom wallpaper concepts. Witness the mesmerizing spectacle of bold geometrics harmoniously entwined with captivating hues and patterns, bestowing upon the room an exuberant atmosphere that radiates pure joy and vivacity.

Embrace the visual symphony that commences with the graphic geometrics, embodied by the monochrome tumbling block wallpaper and complemented by the soothing pastel rug. Emphasizing the allure of simplicity in furniture selection, we embark on a journey of experimentation, adorning the bedlinen and window treatments with daring florals, captivating animal prints, and charming spots. It is through the thoughtful juxtaposition of various scales that we further elevate the room’s aesthetic impact, culminating in a delightful masterpiece of design.

Opt For An English Folly Revival

 Folly Revival

With a delightful touch of whimsy and unwavering boldness, the profoundly patterned style effortlessly blends an assortment of eclectic treasures and exquisite architectural nuances, beckoning from time immemorial.

Within this captivating design, the floral wallpaper harmoniously dances alongside the rich, dark wooden flooring and furniture, evoking an enduring and classic ambiance. The metallic four-poster bed introduces a delightful interplay of textures and contrasts, elegantly complemented by serene white bed linen and a bedside lamp, uniting all the elements in perfect harmony.

Work In Vibrant Abstracts

Vibrant Abstracts

Among the plethora of headboard ideas, this particular one stands out as an absolute favorite. Creating a strikingly bold statement involves harmonizing the headboard’s design with the wall behind it. By using complementary paint shades that both echo and enhance the motif on the wall, alongside the incorporation of an extra-wide headboard, a seamless union between the two spaces is achieved. This innovative approach adds a touch of uniqueness to your bedroom decor.

Decorate With Lipstick Pinks

Revisit Country

Embracing a fresh perspective on pink bedroom concepts, this design showcases a delightful blend of soft pinks and earthy hues, culminating in a luminous and serene bedroom retreat. The mesmerizing interplay of pink and dark orange in the geometric wallpaper captivates the eyes, adding a touch of brilliance to the space. Complementing the overall ambiance, the choice of accessories mirrors the colors of the wallpaper, but with a focus on natural textures, seamlessly intertwining with the essence of the outside world. The result is a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere that beckons relaxation and tranquility.

Revisit Country House Interiors

Revisit Country

Indulge in a realm of country-inspired wallpaper concepts, boasting delightful patterns and soothing hues meticulously curated for your bedroom haven. Within the embrace of this countryside abode, the quintessential English style experiences a renaissance, seamlessly blending tradition with modern allure. A timeless floral motif graces the walls, bestowing an inviting aura upon the room, while the carefully chosen calming green tones gracefully balance the ambiance, never overwhelming the senses. To further deepen the connection to the great outdoors, dark wooden flooring and furniture serve as a natural link, harmonizing the entire scheme with nature’s inherent beauty. Surrender to the cosseting embrace of this enchanting country house bedroom, where serenity and elegance unite in seamless harmony.

Transport Yourself To Warmer Climes

Warmer Climes

Experience the sheer essence of a tropical getaway with a seamless fusion of vibrant prints and delightful textures in the newest rendition of tropical style. Allow yourself to be whisked away to the sun-kissed shores of Hawaii.

If you have a passion for lively colors and intricate patterns, the striking palm design featuring deep blues and refreshing greens presents an exuberant and eye-catching accent wall idea that commands attention as a focal point.

Maintain a harmonious balance by incorporating plain bedlinen into the mix. For an added touch of tropical charm, play with contrasting patterns and textures, utilizing natural elements like wood and rattan to enhance the overall theme. Let the allure of tropical paradise infuse every corner of your space.

Wow With Red

With Red

Choosing a bold and daring red color for interior design may seem unconventional, but when used creatively in bedroom ideas, it can infuse the space with a welcome burst of energy and flamboyance.

An excellent example of this creative use is demonstrated in the bedroom featuring Soane Britain’s Karun Thakar – Arabesque Wallpaper in Musk, which creates a cozy, country retreat ambiance. Complemented by red paint and an array of eclectic accessories, the floral arabesque design becomes a perfect fit for bedroom decor. Lulu Lytle, the talented creative director of Soane Britain, passionately advocates for covering all surfaces of a room – walls, ceilings, and upholstery – with matching wallpaper or fabric to achieve an enveloping effect. This application of botanical prints brings forth the sensation of being nestled within a tranquil garden structure, offering a wonderfully relaxing experience for anyone in the room.

Make It Monochrome


The timeless allure lies in black-and-white bedroom concepts, and when it comes to making a bold impression, wallpaper proves to be a game-changer. Within a bedroom’s ambiance, a striking monochrome print on a single wall creates an ideal focal point. The beauty of this design lies in the opportunity to infuse color through various accents like bedding, cushions, and throws.

This approach becomes the perfect solution for those fretting over color choices during the decorating process. By relying on accessories, the overall look and color palette remains easily adaptable and cost-effective to update as desired.

 Look To Nature

 Look To Nature

Embrace the splendor of nature-inspired bedroom wallpaper concepts, with a special focus on the timeless charm of florals. Step away from the days of excessive and overwhelming designs.

According to Joa Studholme, the color curator at Farrow & Ball, the Hegemone wallpaper in this bedroom exudes a delightful sense of optimism. In times of uncertainty, what could be more inviting than being surrounded by the welcoming essence of nature? Florals possess the unique ability to reconnect us with the natural world, offering a sense of security and comfort, especially when adorned in warm red-based neutrals. However, this floral pattern is far from delicate or rigid; instead, it exudes a tranquil and laid-back vibe, allowing the blossoms to gracefully sprawl across the walls, evoking a slightly nostalgic atmosphere that is both soothing and fashionable.

Pick A Calming Green

Calming Green

Completely unique rewrite:

The allure of green lies in its natural association, evoking a profound sense of tranquility. This captivating color trend has already gained momentum, with green-themed kitchens and living rooms garnering popularity. Now, the quest for serenity has extended into the realm of bedrooms.

Even when adorned with busier prints, like the one showcased above, a green bedroom exudes a harmonious essence of nature. The juxtaposition of bright yellow accessories and four-poster bed frames creates an elegant contrast against the backdrop of traditional wooden furniture and green wallpaper, infusing the entire space with a dynamic and contemporary flair.

Choose All-Over Pattern

Over Pattern

Immerse yourself in a world of patterns with an ingenious blend of ceiling wallpaper concepts and wall designs for your bedroom. This exquisite approach will craft the perfect sanctuary, embracing you in a haven of creativity. Embrace an assortment of additional patterns to weave a visually captivating tapestry, while ensuring there are pockets of calm plains to offer respite for the eyes. Revel in a uniquely tailored ambiance that reflects your personal style and elevates your living space to unparalleled heights of elegance.

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