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Barça and The Brazilians love Stories and Catastrophic Blunders

There are already more than forty players from Rio de Janeiro who have worn the Barca elastic

FC Barcelona players
Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, two Brazilian Barça legends. Henrique and Douglas, two frog signings

The magnifying glass of FC Barcelona players regularly focuses on Brazilian lands. Since the club was born in 1899, a total of 41 footballers from the South American country have worn the Barca jersey. From Fausto Dos Santos, the pioneer, nicknamed Maravilha Negra, to Vitor Roque, the imminent signing of the cast of Xavi Hernández.

Many of them have turned out to be more than solvent investments, as they have left their mark in the Barça history books. Idols for children and adults and the undeniable culprits behind some of the club’s successes. Authentic love stories. Others, however, have become frogs and have become mere mirages and resounding failures. Some even didn’t even make their debut.

Evaristo de Macedo (1957-1962)

The first member of the Brazilian Olympus who lies in the Barcelona sky. During his five seasons in Barcelona, ​​he scored a whopping 173 goals in the 219 games he played. He won two leagues, two Fairs Cups, and one Copa del Rey. He was also the protagonist of one of Barça’s great nights of the time: the elimination of Real Madrid in the 1960-61 European Cup, as no team had achieved it before. The carioca scored the goal that settled the tie. After finishing his time at FC Barcelona, ​​Everest landed precisely at the eternal rival, the Merengue club, where he barely played a couple of seasons.

Romario (1993-1995)

One of the great names of Barça in the early 90s. Skilled like few others. By nature, they haggler. Valadon said of him that “his football was cartoonish. “In a span of 66 official matches, he accomplished the impressive feat of netting 39 goals.”. Unfortunately for FC Barcelona, ​​he had the same notoriety both on and off the mat and was the subject of countless off-sport controversies. He is currently engaged in politics and is a senator with the Socialist Party in Brazil.

FC Barcelona players
Romario in the dispute of a ball Miguel Ruiz

Ronaldo Nazario (1996-1997)

His time at FC Barcelona players was as ephemeral as it was barbaric. He barely spent one season at Camp Noun, but he had the best year of his entire career, scoring 47 goals in 51 appointments and delighting the culet public with dream plays. That helped him to appropriate the first of the two Ballan do’s that he won. For many, the best ‘9’ in history. O Phenomenon signed for Inter Milan and later joined Real Madrid. He currently owns Real Valladolid, recently relegated to the Hypermutation League.

Rivaldo (1997-2002)

It was the 15th Brazilian signing in the history of FC Barcelona players . His exquisite technique in handling the ball, as well as his enviable skill in shooting, allowed him to be classified as one of the best soccer players in the world at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. The midfielder relished that he formed a fanciful partnership with Patrick Culvert. With the Barça jacket, he won two league titles and one Copa del Rey, scoring 130 goals in 235 games. He also left something that will be recorded in the retina of all mortals: from Chile and from outside the area against Valencia.

Rivaldo celebrating a goal with Barça Miguel Ruiz

Ronaldinho (2003-2008)

By profession, chairperson. So much so that even the Santiago Bernabe applauded him . A born rebel who led the Barça resurgence at the beginning of the current century. He lifted two league titles and one European Cup with FC Barcelona players , ​​with whom he scored 95 times in the 210 games he played. Ronnie’s ability was diluted because of the night, but his legacy is irrefutable.

Daniel Alves (2008-2016)

A true standout amongst the finest right-backs to have graced the glorious history of Barça. He but the best. He was the absolute owner of the right flank during the eight years that he lived in the Catalan capital. He is a regular presence in the offensives, with unstoppable bursts by the defenders, and also in the rear, quick to cut. With 44 titles won by him, 26 of them in Barcelona, ​​he is the most successful footballer in the history of this sport. At 40, Alves is currently the protagonist of his extra-sports life, since the Brazilian has been staying up all night in prison for more than five months, pending a trial where he faces allegations of sexual assault. It should be held at the end of 2023.

Dani Alves and Neymar during a FC Barcelona training session Francisco Adelantado

Neymar (2013-2017)

It continues to be, by far, the most expensive sale in the history of FC Barcelona players (222 million euros). Escort and one of Leo Messi’s preferred assistants. His runs and his dribbles sticking to the lime line, and also going in, will be hard to forget. In Can Barça there will always be the thorn that Neymar Jr could have further magnified his legend of him on Barcelona soil, but he was not able to take the step forward that the Clute fan demanded. Even so, that his years as a Barça player were, at least, notable is unquestionable.

Frog signings: the cases of Henrique and Kerrison

On the other side of the scale are Brazilians who represent some of the most unfortunate signings in Barça’s history. The two quintessential cases are Kerrison and Henrique. There were also two consecutive investments that turned out to be disastrous.

In 2008, Joan LaPorte transferred €8 million to Palmira’s for Henrique. The Brazilian was owned by FC Barcelona players for the next 4 seasons, but he did not play for a  minute. In fact, he chained three assignments in a row. The first at Bayer Leverkusen, the second at Racing Santander, where he spent two seasons, and in 2011/12 he played on loan at Palmira’s, who finally paid for his return. Curiously, a few years later he triumphed in the ranks of Napoli.

Keirrison in his presentation as a Barça footballer Alex Caparrós

Misfortunes never come alone and, in the summer of 2009, the president doubled his bet and paid 16 million to get Kerrison’s services. As in the case of Henrique, he did not make his debut with Barça, and during his career as a Barça player, he did nothing more than accumulate assignments. The only photograph that exists of the striker with the Clute jacket in the trunk of memories is that of the day he was presented. No more.

The one who did have the opportunity to prove his worth on the green was Coutinho. Coming from Liverpool, on his back he carried the weight of being the most expensive footballer in Barça history (120M + 40M in variables). However, in the three seasons as a Barça player, he did not meet expectations, not even remotely. Barwomen’s great bet did not bear fruit. Neither were successful signings of players like Douglas, Geovanni, Fabio Rochemback, Cleo, or Alosio Pires.

Without pain or glory, although closer to glory than to pain

Many other Brazilians passed through Camp Nous, complied, and left. They did not leave an indelible mark, but by no means were they useless contracts. This is the case, for example, of Deco, Sylvinho, Juliano Belleti, Maxwell, Paulinho, or Raphinha, among others.

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