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Treatment Of Heart Disease Without Cutting

Heart Disease

Heart disease is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. There are many unknown reasons for this increase. Due to our geographical location and lifestyle, the number of heart patients is relatively high. Heart problems usually occur when the arteries that carry oxygen to the heart are narrowed or blocked. There are basically three types of treatment for heart disease.

First, regular medication. This applies to all levels of treatment.

Second, invasive treatment such as inserting one or more rings (stents) into a nearly closed or blocked artery in the heart, called PCI.

Third, bypass surgery or CABG.

The last two methods apply to urgent and urgent medical procedures. However, appropriate treatment of coronary artery stenosis or occlusion without invasive procedures is applicable to patients with persistent and persistent heart pain. This includes the EECP method, which is scientific, effective, side effect-free, cost-effective, simple and safe treatment. EECP has been widely used in various countries of the world, including Europe, the United States, to relieve the increasing and stable angina or pain of the heart.

How does it work?

During systole, our heart pumps purified blood through the countless arteries of the body at a fixed pressure and speed, and during diastole, this blood speed remains largely constant.

During this diastole, EECP exerts pressure on all the arteries of the internal body through the external cuff in accordance with the work of the heart and sends the blood back to the heart at a relatively high pressure. This work is done continuously through the coordinated work of ECG, computer and compressor.

This rapidly returning wave of blood exerts significant pressure on the coronary arteries of the heart. Where pressure is inhibited, a series of biochemical mechanisms alternately create space for blood circulation to deliver oxygenated blood to diseased areas of the heart. As a result, the patient’s heart-related chest pain is reduced, performance is improved and life returns to normal.

The method has already become popular in many countries. This procedure is used in patients who are unsuitable for surgical stenting. Intensive medical therapy is also called nowadays for heart disease.

Controlled lifestyle and medicines are sufficient in this case. The idea that heart disease requires surgery or a ring is changing these days. However, only a specialist doctor can determine which method is suitable and logical for the patient.

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