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How to increase your sales at Easter? 3 steps to take advantage of the season in your business

At Easter people go into vacation mode. Whether they travel or not, they feel more relaxed and prone to indulge themselves. That’s where you come in.

One day you are celebrating New Year and the other it turns out that Easter is just around the corner. This is one of the strongest sales seasons of the year for several sectors, as it offers many opportunities to place your products or services.

With the massive adoption of the home office, it became difficult to differentiate between working hours and free time . We learned to enjoy the solitude of the home and it became clear to us that when we cannot go out into the world, it is possible to ask for the world at home.

At the same time, millions of people are eager to ‘retaliate’ for the years of restrictions and travel at the slightest provocation, or else enjoy the local attractions more. For this reason, the tourism sector is gradually reactivating globally.

On those days, most consumers go into ‘vacation mode’, regardless of whether they travel, stay at home or have to work. People feel more relaxed and prone to ‘indulge’. That’s where you come in.

What can you offer those ‘vacationers’ to make them enjoy their holidays more? How are you going to make your offer more attractive to them? And, very important, do you have the ability to meet demand and meet your promotions?

Here are three steps to increase your business sales and find new opportunities at Easter.

The possibilities are endless

It is important that you first decide what products you want to sell, promote or place. Perhaps that inventory that you can’t move or, products that are essential for every traveler: sandals, towels, sunscreen, books, suitcases, clothing and beach accessories, among others.

Think about everything you use when you travel and you will see that the list is not limited to those already mentioned, there are many others: car tires, mechanical services, travel and life insurance, experiences and entertainment, safe taxis… The list it’s too long.

On the other hand, those who stay at home will look for something to help them enjoy those days: special food, massages, experiences and all kinds of impulse purchases.

Easter promotions, discounts and sales

It is key to link your products or services with the real needs of customers to offer attractive promotions that convince potential buyers to go with you for what they need.

You can offer very aggressive discounts or a gift on the purchase of a certain amount. Another option is to launch a special loyalty plan for the season, in which you accumulate points, visits or purchases to exchange them for something. Use your creativity!

Fulfill what you promise

Nobody likes to feel cheated, so make sure your Easter promotions are real and you can stick to them. That is to say, that you have the stock to satisfy the demand and be able to amortize the costs.

One of the worst practices is to increase prices to offer fictitious discounts and that in reality the discount is minimal or nil. Just remember that today’s consumers are more informed and connected than ever before. If you’re going to gain viral fame, make sure it’s because of your creativity and the quality of your products or services, not because of something negative that tarnishes your reputation.

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