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Juan Roman Riquelme Said Goodbye At The Bombonera Messi

Boca’s Iconic Figure, Juan Roman Riquelme, Basks in a Dream Night of Affection and Stellar Football; Unveiling the Exquisite Details of a Memorable Football Ceremony
Juan Roman Riquelme

And the day came. Finally arrived. That last time Juan Roman Riquelme would step on the grass in the “patio of his house” wearing the Boca shirt as if he still felt like a player. Heartbroken faces after so much suppressed emotion; a closed ovation, with a tense larynx, slipped from the stands and was repeated over and over again like a disconsolate lament of someone who sees the love of his life moving away. How could it be otherwise, the 10 did the best he could do: he entertained himself playing a “picadillo” with those friends that football left him: Lionel Messi, Pablo Aimar, Leandro Paredes, Marcelo Delgado, Gustavo Barros Schelotto, Angel Di María and Lucho Gonzalez, among others.

“I am too happy. This is too much for me. I want to thank all the teammates and technicians. On November 10, 1996, I entered the most beautiful movie”, said an emotional Riquelme before those present after the game ended. “Riquelme is from Boca, he isn’t leaving Boca,” the lovers responded. Román had words of affection for Jose Pekerman and Coco Basile. “And here is the gentleman…”, and he pointed to Bianchi before a crowd that chanted the name of the former technician. “I need it,” he told the Viceroy.

A Farewell to a Football Legend: The Emotional Journey of Saying Goodbye to a Great Player

“From the primary sport to the closing they’ve loved me lots. I had to play with the greatest I saw as a child, which was Maradona. Today is a wonderful day for all the boisterous because we can enjoy someone who is incredibly great and who is Messi ” and added, addressing Rosario “You always told me yes, that you were going to be in my game and I thank you for that”.

It was not just another day for the crowd of fans who surrounded the Bombera early to say goodbye to one of the best players who knew how to wear that shirt throughout the club’s history. Even before the doors opened, Irala Street became a non-stop parade of women, children, and men. Everyone is happy. All singing and dancing.

The Festive Atmosphere Surrounding Juan Roman Riquelme’s Return to Boca Juniors

In the midst of a climate of complete festivity – perhaps because the passage of time since that last time Juan Roman Riquelme, the now vice-president of the club, wore the blue and gold – lightened the duel for his loss on the field – the shirts and hats with the image of Juan Roman Riquelme 10 colored the streets of one of the most porteño neighborhoods of the city. The presence of Juan Roman Riquelme in the hearts of the fans was palpable as his name echoed through the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd.

“Three thousand pesos for the shirt and two for the cap, ma’am,” a vendor yelled while a child waved a Riquelme cardboard mask near him, celebrating a “Gigio mole” goal. How could that gesture of the 10 that remained engraved in the memory of the fans when Riquelme scored a goal against River in the Xeneixe temple on April 8, 2001?

The anticipation grew, second by second, as the most anticipated moment for Boca fans approached. While the shows were being prepared that would foreshadow the reunion, which had so many twists and turns, between Juan Roman Riquelme and the fans, the Bombonera was already vibrating to the rhythm of the music itself that warmed a sunny but cold Sunday afternoon. What the people who were on the field did not know was that around 3:30 p.m., in a nearby hotel, the former 10 xeneixe gave himself a fraternal hug, full of warmth from friends, with the 10 of the Argentine team. Yes, Riquelme and Messi merged into one, as Juan Roman Riquelme and Lionel Messi shared a heartfelt embrace.

Riquelme’s Presence Felt Even Before the Party Started

Eight years after announcing his retirement in January 2015 (as fate would have it, his last club was Argentinos Juniors, the same one where he was born), Riquelme finally had his long-awaited farewell party, now as vice president of the club that is a fan. When the clock struck at 3:53 p.m. A female announcer welcomed the tribute, and at that moment, the crowd heard “Riqueeeeelme… Riqueeeeelme” for the first time in the entire afternoon, resembling a war cry emanating from the heart.

Thus, the party got its kick-off when the band Damas Gratis played the first chords from a small stage with its back to the benches. Little by little, the fans displayed an endless number of flags with Riquelme’s painted face, moving festively to the rhythm of cumbia and peeking out from every corner of the Bombonera.

In the background, a new “Riqueeeeelme” resounded shortly before 5:00 p.m. Some of those present with access to television detected that the honoree was already in his house painted blue and gold, walking the internal corridors hugging the employees and, of course, with the mate and the stainless steel thermos glued to his body. The second show was given by Onda Sabanera, who before ending her show, a deep chorus that came from the stands again attacked with another war cry: “Riqueeeeelme… Riqueeeeelme”.

The stage fell apart. There was no more time for musical shows. It was time for the first cry of recognition. 26 minutes from the time stipulated for the start of the match between the figures of Boca and the national team. he Colombian goalkeeper Oscar Cordoba went out onto the field of play to warm up with his daughter Vanessa and then received the first ovation from the sunset.

The goodbye of Juan Roman Riquelme

At 6:11 p.m., one of the hosts of the event, Leo Montero, began to present the substitute players for the national team and Boca. Then it was the turn of the headlines. The winger and former coach of Boca Hugo Ibarra was one of the most applauded, as was the central defender Jorge Bermudez. Lucho Gonzalez, who despite his identification with River said he admired Riquelme and even named his son Roman, was received with whistles and applause. Something similar happened with Pablo Aimar, the “great friend” of the 10.

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