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Leo Messi: Argentina crack with Sony, TV shows in the Canary Islands

Leo Messi

Leo Messi Management and Sony Music Entertainment have reached a settlement to set up an animated series about the soccer celebrity with Atlantis Animation studios within the Canary Islands. The parties confirmed to Mundo Deportivo on Tuesday.

Atlantis Announces Partnership with Leo Messi for Inspirational Soccer Series

The deal sees Atlantis producing a series inspired by Leo Messi himself. “ Messi’s passion for soccer will serve as a backdrop for compelling and moving content that highlights the moral values ​​that characterize the global icon,” said Raul Cargo, CEO of Atlantis Animation.

“We are a service issuer. But we strive to be a creative contribution to the whole lot we do,” delivered Carbo. “Our idea is to wager on completely top-class and amazing duties. So Leo Messi is definitely one of them, a project on a world scale that for Atlantis is the next step,” he added.

Sony Music and Leo Messi Collaboration: Creating an Epic Soccer Adventure Series with Atlantis Animation

Sony Music’s Premium Content division. Which produces in association with Leo Messi Management, who will oversee the improvement and distribution of the series. Based in Tenerife, Atlantis Animation is now in full production on the trailer under the direction of Catherine Macresy.

Aimed at all audiences, the series will immerse viewers in the epic adventures of a young Leo Messi who overcomes challenges in his origins to become a great world soccer star. The soundtrack can be provided by way of global artists and composers signed to the Sony Music Entertainment label.

Additional content details are under wraps, but the plot setting places Leo Messi in a world of video games. Seems poised to lay the groundwork for an artistically ambitious project that works on multiple levels of the universe. Such as the reality of the young Messi and his adventures in a video.

Core Values and Animation Projects: Atlantis’ Involvement in Conveying Sports Lessons and Leo Messi’s Pilot Project

Values ​​. The announcement of Atlantis’ involvement also served to emphasize that the series is “committed to conveying the core values ​​of the sport and the lessons it embodies on screen as it follows the journey of one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.” 

The project underscores the relevance of animation for arguably the world’s most famous athlete. Leo Messi’s pilot project joins an illustrious group of major animated productions now being developed in the Canary Islands, including ‘Arcane’, which has been and is being animated by Fortiche Spain at its Las Palmas studio, which opened in October 2020. Atlantis has also contributed to ‘Miraculous Ladybug Season 5. A series that won the 2023 Kidscreen Award for Best Children’s Animated Series.

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