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Why Messi chose Inter Miami

Valery Vasylenko – about Leo’s failed transfer to Barcelona

It was probably the main soap opera this summer. It was clear to everyone that Lionel Messi would leave PSG. During the two seasons he spent in Paris, the Argentine never became, or rather, did not want to become part of Saint-Germain. He played his game there, while the rest played theirs.

Leo’s Move to PSG: A Farewell of Dignity or a Transient Sojourn for Messi?

Admittedly, Leo’s move to PSG two years ago immediately seemed like an honorable send-off. It was the most obvious option to continue his career after the misunderstandings with “Barcelona”. Something like a summer vacation at your cousin’s house.

“Grandma”, who has no direct heirs, pampered Leo. And another “torn Barcelona slice” – Neymar. However, both the old woman herself and her “grandson” perfectly understood that a long-term union would not work. Although the cakes were delicious.

When the current season was coming to an end, Leo informed the management of “Paris” in advance that he did not intend to stay. The first to officially tell about it was the straightforward coach of the Galtier team. True, the club tried to quickly play off the situation, to get a price for themselves: they say, not everything has been decided yet and it is still possible.

Controversy Surrounding Lionel Messi’s Departure from Paris Saint-Germain

But that was just a play on words. No amount of cakes could make Leo stay. He left without leaving any noticeable mark in the history of Paris Saint-Germain. Yes, he became the champion of France twice, but, in my opinion, this achievement should not be exaggerated. Taking into account the current personnel potential of the Parisian club and the parallel gap between PSG and the rest of Ligue 1, Povorozniuk could also become the champion of France as part of Paris. And not only the one who is a “football player”, but also the one who is the president.

In Lionel’s last match for PSG, the team’s fans booed the Argentine. What caused the dissatisfaction of many famous ex-football players? But what about the former – even Mbappe was indignant about this. Like, how can you love football and at the same time boo the best football player in the history of the game?

Discontentment from Football Fans: The Cloned Shadow of Lionel Messi

Personally, it is not difficult for me to understand football players who are indignant about the fan’s whistle. But, to be honest, it’s even easier to understand the fans themselves. Because Lionel Messi, who played for PSG, is not real. Barcelona had a real Messi. The Argentina team at the recently concluded World Cup had the real Messi. And “Paris” had a clone of a great football player. There was his shadow.

He could score twenty goals and make the same number of assists – under the existing state of things, this is not surprising, but the fan clearly wanted more. The “Paris” fan wanted Leo to play not only on clean balls. He wanted Messi to fight for the club and the team in the Champions League. Did Messi fight there? Yeah… I’d boo him too.

Well, then on Messi’s horizon, “Barcelona” should appear again. Small because throughout his honorable Parisian exile, Messi has directly or indirectly hinted at his desire to return. Talks about his return to the Camp Nou were particularly intense at the end of last season.

Xavi, the head coach of “Blaugrana” and a part-time friend of Leo, has repeatedly reported on the readiness of the club to accept back the main club legend. End of May – beginning of June this year: Xavi’s rhetoric is unambiguous. “I would really like that.” “Messi’s return is Barcelona’s priority.” “All Catalans want him back.”

I think Xavi was pretty sure Leo would come back.

Why was the coach of “Barca” featured more, and not the president? Well, it is common knowledge that Laporta did not have the most touching relationship with the Argentine. Why is the subject of a separate note? But in this connection, you need to understand something else. Unlike the coach, the president of the club, even more so, by definition has no right to speak. That’s why he didn’t rush. And he did everything for Messi to return. I’m also certain of this for some reason, although as a fan of the “blue and garnet” Laporte, I don’t really like Laporte either.


But I like the truth more. And if you follow her, then Laporte is not so much to blame for Messi’s comeback, which did not take place, as the Argentine himself.

“I decided to go to Miami. And further according to the text. I think I’m not the only one confused by Leo’s recent confession. And not only by the fact of recognition itself but also by its “motivational part“.

In it, Messi eloquently explains why he decided to move to MLS. According to his assurances, the decision was made “not because of money.” There are no complaints in this part: the option with Saudi Arabia was many times cheaper.

Lionel Messi’s Evolving Football Priorities and Decision to Reject Barcelona 

But as for the rejection of the option with “Barcelona”, everything is not so clear-cut here. “I didn’t want to face it again: to wait for what would happen next, to leave my future in someone else’s hands. I wanted to make a decision on my own, taking into account my needs and the needs of my family.” And also: “Now I want to avoid unnecessary attention, and think more about my family.” When asked if Barca had done everything to get Leo back, the world champion said: “Well, I don’t know, it’s their problem.”

In my opinion, all of the above screams that Lionel Messi’s football priorities have changed now. They have changed seriously. He is already 36, he finally achieved the main goal in his career – he became the world champion, stepping on the same platform of the pantheon as Maradona. Life really succeeded. And in Barcelona, ​​obscurity would surely await him. He is right about that.

There, not only the true love of fans would be waiting for him, but also a real job. I would have to work hard again, run a lot, work not only for myself but also for the team. Yes, his return to normal would become the most attractive and most sincere football movie plot of the current century. But he chose not football, but peace and a “prosecutor’s” pension.

The Unblamable Pursuit of Personal Fulfillment

Can we blame him for that? But in no case! His “face of morality” is so perfect that it will not be possible to compromise it with all the desire. He has already proven to everyone, he has won everything. And at 36, he just doesn’t want to cough up his lungs anymore. And to prove something again in “More than a Club”. He just wants to roll the ball, enjoying the dreamy looks of Kryvtsov and company from the successfully executed free kick.

After all, he just wants to be the breadwinner of his family. Well, not like Zhenya Seleznyov in his time. But if in a dry residue, it is very similar.

Barca issued a very short statement regarding Messi’s decision: “President Laporte understood and respected Messi’s decision to play in a league with fewer demands, away from the attention and pressure he has experienced in recent years.” Smells like trolling? Definitely. But in essence, Laporte is right. Isn’t it?

But even if the president of Barcelona, ​​who, as mentioned above, has a difficult relationship with Messi, the verdict of Xavi’s friend should dot all the dots. The Barca coach said the following about the Argentine’s failed return: “Lionel wants a more peaceful and family life.”

And as a husband and father, he will get it.

Although as a football player, he could have gained much more.

But now his story is slowly turning into an autobiography. As in Ronaldo.

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