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Eleven New Volleyball Rules 2022 – 2024

The latest set of volleyball rules, implemented from 2022 to 2024, brings exciting changes to the sport. Firstly, a revised serving technique requires the server to release the ball below the waist. Secondly, a new rule allows players to momentarily contact the ball with any part of their body during a block. Additionally, the introduction of the “challenge system” enables teams to challenge referee decisions using video replays. Moreover, there are stricter regulations against foot faults during serving. Furthermore, teams can now have two liberos, each with specific substitution rules. These updates aim to enhance fairness, athleticism, and the overall fan experience in volleyball Rules.

Volleyball Rules

11 New Volleyball Rules 2022 – 2024

Discover the recently introduced volleyball Rules for the years 2022-2024, approved by the 37th FIVB Congress in 2021, specifically designed for the upcoming Olympic Games.

1) Now the libero can be the team captain

From 2022 ahead, the Volleyball Rules will allow the Libero to be team captain.

The previous rule did now not permit the Libero to be captain, primarily based on the reality that the Libero changed into continually substituted. However, this argument has been discarded, seeing that a regular player captain may also be substituted.

2) A player sent off will be replaced after 6 substitutions

An expelled player ought to be substituted with a prison substitution. In the case that the crew has already made 6 substitutions, the expelled player may be substituted with a first-rate substitution, as a result preventing the sport from completing due to an “incomplete team”.

3) Jumping Over the Scorer’s Table to retrieve the ball is permitted

The player is now allowed to jump over the table and retrieve the ball. 

Previously, the guideline did no longer permit this motion.

4) Simultaneous Contact of the Block

The simultaneous contact of the block in opposition to the opponent’s assault hit is not considered a block fault anymore.

The Block fault will only be pointed if the contact with the ball takes place earlier than the assault hit.

5) Court Colors

The Front Zone and Back Zone of the Volleyball courtroom can now be of different shades.

In the previous rule, handiest the playing vicinity and the loose area needed to be of different colorings.

6) Extinction of the Penalty Area

An expelled participant or member of the technical commission has to head immediately to the locker room.

Previously, the player or member of the technical fee that became expelled could remain in the penalty place. The penalty place not exists.

7) Time-outs and technical time-outs

Two 30-2nd time-out requests are allowed for every group, for each set.

The 1 minute Technical Time-out no longer exists. It could formerly arise while the group reached the 8th and 16th points, from the first to the 4th set.

FIVB is experimenting with a 30-second time-out request for each team, for each set, and a 1-minute technical time-out when a crew reaches the 12th point from the first to the 4th set.

8) Libero Jerseys

Teams with  Liberos can also use distinctive colored jerseys for their Liberos, this is, one group may additionally have 3 exclusive jersey colors on the court: the everyday player jersey color, the 1st Libero jersey color, and the 2nd Libero jersey shade.

9) New Refereeing Team

The current team of volleyball Rules is as follows:

  • the 1st referee;
  • the 2nd referee;
  • the challenge referee;
  • the reserve referee;
  • the scorer;
  • 4 line judges.

For FIVB Official World Competitions, the presence of the assignment referee (if the VCS is in use), the reserve referee, and an assistant scorer are obligatory.

10) Challenge Booth

The project referee will carry out his or her functions in the assignment sales space, in a separate role on the desk.

11) Reserve Referee

The reserve referee now unites the refereeing team and has the following responsibilities: Substitute second referee and management of the substitution paddles.

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