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How to make this 2023 the high-quality year on your business enterprise?

Three obstacles stop you: fear, laziness, and self-confidence. We tell you how to overcome them and have the best year for your business.


In this piece, I will unveil a crucial insight that holds the key to transforming your business and ensuring that 2023 becomes an exceptional year for its success. To begin, I urge you to engage in thoughtful contemplation and swiftly pen down your response to the following inquiry: If you had the opportunity to make just a solitary wish for your company, what would it be?

Perhaps you have contemplated expanding your customer base, increasing sales, fostering employee engagement, or finding more quality time for your family. Is this the case? If that is the case, you have fortuitously discovered the appropriate piece. Allow me to present you with a selection of statistics obtained from our extensive research conducted across over 500 companies.

  • 85% of entrepreneurs work between 40 and 70 hours a week and fail to achieve the level of sales and performance they desire.
  • 94% of the time, the business depends on its owner who sells and they depend on him to survive.
  • 82.3% simply do not know how to interpret finances and therefore do not keep an administrative accounting of it.
  • 65% have hired people from their families because they say they do not trust others.
  • 78% report that their collaborators are not engaged at the level they want.
  • Almost 40% have not taken a vacation for more than a year.
  • 97% if they get to take a few days of “rest” they do it accompanied by their cell phone or laptop in hand to keep up to date with what is happening.
  • Almost a 3a. Some of you have lost the passion you felt for your business in the beginning.
  • More than half, 60%, feel alone, not being able to share their problems at home and with their collaborators.

Do you resonate with any of these assertions?

How to make this 2023 the best year for your company

Throughout my professional journey as a business mentor and advisor, my unwavering focus has been on assisting organizations in attaining two fundamental goals: consistent double-digit expansion and enabling entrepreneurs to relish a more fulfilling personal life. That is, that the business works for him, and not vice versa.

But, where should we start so that this 2023 is the best year for your company? It’s very simple, work FOR your business.

What does this mean?

1. Modify your belief that your business is for you

I would love for you to share it with me, but come on write it down! It appears as a medley: Is it the embodiment of my lifestyle, is it the manifestation of my aspirations, is it a source of frustration, is it a perpetual test presented by its practitioners, is it my profession? Perhaps, indeed, is it a dreadful experience, an exhausting ordeal, or that which hinders my rest and prevents me from enjoying holidays?

For me, a business is an “Intellectual Sport, generating free cash and working for the owner”. It is not a magic wand. To achieve greater efficiency, it is imperative to employ a more intelligent approach, keeping in mind the invaluable wisdom imparted by Michael E. Gerber, in his book The Myth of the Entrepreneur, it is about working FOR your business and not IN your business,

It is a sport because it has rules because you have to practice it and with a coach, it will be easier to learn and carry it out. It embodies intellectual prowess as it transcends mere diligence, encompassing the art of capital generation beyond conventional profits.

Many owners get upset when the accountant determines and tells them that they must pay “x” money for the profits they generated, but they don’t have the money to pay for it and they work for the owner. That is, he has established the systems and has a self-sufficient team capable of managing them, so the owner is aware but not immersed in the operation.

Well, let’s take a closer look if you want to make 2023 the best year in your company.

2. Understand very well that a commercial enterprise is an intellectual sport

An intellectual sport means that you are going to THINK. think about what? critically weigh in a plan to take your company to the next level, but…, “how lazy!”, “I made a plan and it didn’t work!”, remember that there are 3 obstacles that stop you, fear, laziness, and/or self-confidence, which of these is the predominant factor in your life and in your business that stops you from achieving everything you dream of? And most importantly, by successfully resolving this issue, how much greater of a yield could you potentially achieve?

3. THINK OF A PLAN For Your Business

Incorporate the term PLAN as an action in your daily routine, rather than as a static noun. Let’s delve into the process of constructing the PLAN, examining the steps in greater depth: To begin with, it is crucial to identify the initial position, which is denoted as point “A” where I currently reside. For this, it is best to do it by answering critical questions about your current situation, what opportunities do you see in the near future? for your company? What obstacles do you have in your business today? Do you have the right people to take you to the next level? Does your product or service have a place in the current market and context or are you still selling DVDs? What other weaknesses do you present today?

Do you have and understand your financial statements? Does your marketing strategy exhibit unwavering strength, and dependability, and effectively generate the desired number of potential clients that your organization necessitates? Are you prepared to face the challenges? With the leadership that your organization requires? Do you have the skills to adequately recruit, direct and develop your people?

Once the foundation at point “A” is distinctly defined, it is now opportune to cultivate your desired destination, point “B,” the culmination you aspire to attain.

Your point “B” requires three elements:

  1. strategic objective
  2. well defined purpose
  3. Clear, detailed, and flexible plan

The instrument forged for small and medium-sized enterprises, your strategic aim diverges from the aspirations of major corporations, representing the finely crafted culmination of your meticulously devised five-year goal with a methodological approach.

Within the organization, one of the inquiries you will address pertains to the specific role you will undertake., what products are you going to handle? how much will the business bill? in which markets will you operate? Will they be your collaborators? etc.

Your purpose is why you exist, what is the fundamental reason that gives meaning to your organization? Furthermore, refrain from informing me that the objective is solely financial gain, as Simón Sinek articulates. The most influential establishments across the globe possess a profound understanding of their purpose and effectively convey it. The identification of your collaborators, their commitment to an ideal, and their concentration. Along with the desire of your clients to become involved in that institution, and its culture. And its principles, hold significant significance, its way of doing things. things and why they do the things they do.

Crafting your comprehensive, meticulous, and adaptable roadmap for the upcoming year necessitates unwavering clarity regarding the two polarities, denoted as “A” and “B,” as the plan serves as a solution to the inquiry: What is the best path?

The course, the strategy, comprises multiple components that warrant your attention, taking into account the primary obligations you bear as the overseer of your enterprise:

  1. Generate and grow profits
  2. Develop your work team

But how will I grow and develop the business if I don’t grow and develop first as a leader?

Part of its development will be through five fundamental aspects to advance. It basically consists of answering what should I leverage the business this year that is beginning? We must bear in mind that the power of leveraging lies in accomplishing greater tasks with increasingly minimal exertion. And this goal can be attained by harnessing superior technology,

  1. Using better technology,
  2. Documenting the tasks that allow you to better identify and operate,
  3. Relying on the best-trained collaborators,
  4. Have the information to make better decisions,
  5. Develop your marketing and sales plan that allows you to grow in a predictable way.

I commented at the beginning that there are three obstacles that stop you from taking the next step: fear, laziness, and/or self-confidence. I also said that this is not a magic wand and it is not for everyone. It is for those who are willing to participate, to give their 100%. To focus and achieve a permanent change in their lives and in their company. Don’t allow yourself to fail by not participating. I genuinely encourage you to fully embrace this year and confront the obstacles ahead with a fresh perspective.

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